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Fanny, the tiny Ladybug full of Colors

Interactive stories and games for children, ages 2 to 8

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  • The Stories

    Fanny is a little rascal of a ladybug! She doesn't like to wash herself. Then one day, she loses all the black spots on her back. In her first adventure, you'll discover how she obtains her new brightly colored spots and becomes "Fanny the tiny ladybug full of colors". She will then embark on new adventures featuring among others Elliot the killer whale or Dimitri, the grey bird she will try to help out of his sadness. All of these stories conclude with a happy ending. Whatever the troubles, a "great idea" always comes up and makes everything right again.

  • The World of Fanny

    Fanny's adventures take place in a colorful world in which animals, plants and natural elements share a common existence bound by a strong sense of solidarity. Whatever the troubles facing the characters, a happy ending is always at hand thanks to a "great idea". At times it is Fanny's, at other times, it may originate with the other characters she has encountered along the way. Fanny's adventures are simple yet educational. The drawings are unassuming enough so as to be easily reproduced by a child.

  • The Author

    Each book of one of Fanny's adventures has given birth to a separate app which can be both read and listened to in five different languages. And there is more: a game, related to the world of this funny ladybug, is included in each application. Other extras, such as step by step drawing tutorials or fun ways to learn the ABC, allow the child to further immerse herself within the world of Fanny.

  • The Apps

    Fanny the Ladybug was born in Switzerland from the imagination of Caroline Ladisa Bürki and her two children named Fanny and Elliot. Both children are obviously characters within the stories. They have also become invaluable partners in the creation of new adventures and games. Initially sold in bookstores, Fanny's adventures are now available in five languages for the ipad and the iphone.

  • "Caroline draws and narrates a world that is ideal and full of poetry"

    JLA, Journal La Côte

  • "A funny ladybug as colorful as her creator is talented."

    Xavier C., Publisher

  • "These books are invigoratingly colorful. No child should be without them."

    S.J. – Tribune de Genève

  • "She draws like a child would : the sun has two eyes and a large mouth. Kids will love the design."

    Bilan Magazine, Switzerland

  • "The story of Dimitri has taught our 3-year old son the colors of the rainbow."

    JPL, a dad

  • "I can now recite the stories by heart… my 4-year old daughter requires them every evening."

    LD, a mom